X-Login is a powerful web application that allows you to protect your Active Server Pages using group based authentication instead of levels. The advantage of group based authentication is you can easily assign groups to a page and only users with that assigned group will be able to access the page. X-Login also includes RC4 password encryption.

Download X-Login

FWXLogin Lite

FWXLogin Lite is a simple script to protect your Active Server Pages using username/password only. It includes optional cookie and session encryption using AES cypher.

Download FWXLogin Lite


X-Send is a function that makes sending e-mail using Active Server Pages easier.

Download X-Send

Simple Contact Us

Simple Contact Us shows an example of how to use X-Send to create a contact us page.

Download Simple Contact Us

We offer the following support services for our products:


  • $14.95 Product Installation (1 title)
  • $24.95 Product Installation (2 titles)
  • $34.95 Product Installation (3 titles)

Description: We will install and configure our software title(s).
(**Includes installation only, no troubleshooting, debugging and/or customization**). We can customize our products for $40.00 per hour.

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$19.95 per incident

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$79.95 per incident

Description: E-mail, Phone, and/or Server based support (**Server based support via Desktop sharing or FTP only**). Average response time 4 - 8 hours.

Our products are FREE to download and use for non-commercial and commercial applications. If you need help installing or support for one of our products you may purchase one of the above support options.

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